Philadelphia and Edgar Allan Poe

Series "Writers and places dear to " what is now the sixth-largest city the US, the master of the macabre wrote some of his scariest stories. the house he lived , you feel as if you’d transported into one of the writer’s works. USA Philadelphia Skyline (picture-alliance/Newscom/A. Jenny) "For the most wild, yet most homely narrative which am about to pen, neither expect nor solicit belief." Edgar Allan Poe begins one of his most nightmarish stories, "The Black Cat," casually and calmly. If you visit his home in Philadelphia, you can see where one of the forefathers of literary gloom set down his thoughts – and where his cat, Catterina, who might have served as a model for the horrifying story, also lived. Poe’s home with raven sculpture From the outside, the three-story brick building seems unremarkable: white garden fence, wooden shutters on the windows, a small veranda to the back. Poe’s lifetime (1809-1849) this area was a bucolic suburb of Philadelphia. His wife Virginia planted flowers and entertained friends with singing and music. mother lived with the couple, helped with the household and cared for Virginia, who was suffering […]

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