‘POE 4: The Black Cat’ (2017) [Movie Review]

The POE (Poetry of Eerie) series of anthology films date back to 2011 and over the past seven years and three installments have taken familiar Edgar Allen Poe tales into, quite often, unfamiliar territory. And this fourth installment is no different. However, there is one significant difference between this release and its predecessors – here each segment is a different interpretation, or rather approach to the same story – namely The Black Cat . Many readers of this site may be familiar with this tale, if not from the original source material than perhaps the cinematic adaptions from the likes of Sergio Martino, Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. Indeed, it is a tale that obviously has some attraction for Italian (and Italian influenced) directors. For those of you who may be unfamiliar however do not worry for it is not a prerequisite for this release as here Chris Milewski, Domiziano Cristopharo and Brace Beltempo put across their own unique and alternative vision of the tale wherein it is the main themes that influence rather than dictate what is put on camera. Therefore, any viewer may see this release as either a thematic interpretation or simply as three tales that […]

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