Poetry-based travelogue of the northern areas

Jungle, Jheel Aur By Neelma Naheed Durrani Nastaleeq Matbuaat, Lahore Pages: 144, Price: Rs 400 the title of the book Jungle, Jheel Aur by Neelma Naheed Durrani reminds me of the beautiful places in rocky mountains of Alberta, Canada where in the midst of mountains full of trees wild life, one suddenly up to Lake Moraine, Lake Louis, Lake Minnewanka, Bow Lake, Jack Lake – National Banff Park etc. I was lucky to have travelled all this area in 2015 and . We, in Pakistan have similar beauties in Hunza in the northern area. Situated to the extreme north of Pakistan, Hunza valley is a place worth visiting. Apart from providing breathtaking view of tall mountains like Rakaposhi, Hunza Peak, Ultar, Ghenta and ladyfinger peak among many others, Hunza valley is home to a watch tower in Garnish village, Altit Fort and Baltit Fort. Also, located are some lakes, especially Attabad and Borith Lakes in Hunza Pakistan which leave you in wonderment. In these scenarios Jungles and Lakes were the gift of God and ‘Main’ part was lucky me. I don’t know if Neelma has been to these places or […]

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