Poetry reviews: great unmaskings and disappearing acts

New collections by Tara Bergin, Elaine Feeney and Siobhán Campbell explore the ways in which people play with their identities – and become trapped by them Tara Bergin: ‘The Tragic Death of Eleanor Marx’ an exhilarating read, daring, original and very funny won’t help if I tell you this but might. I was making this mask for the children. I was holding the white face in my hand, its underside around my palm. I was painting . was not at all frightening. But as I was doing I was thinking, This is interesting. This is physical manifestation of what I do. I mean: what I do daily in my room . I held the face in my hand and painted it. Then I tried it on and said What do you think? So begins Mask , one of the outstanding poems in Tara Bergin’s new , The Tragic Death of Eleanor Marx (Carcanet, £9.99). Bergin won both the Shine and Seamus Heaney First prizes for her debut, This is Yarrow , in 2014, book in which her command of voices and ability to generate dramatic momentum seemed effortlessly convincing. […]

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