Hannah Francis stands some 30 metres tall the middle the Royal Botanic , the precious cavities its trunk home to cockatoos and other native birds. Few would realise this river red gum is older than the gardens themselves, that it was once much nearer the Yarra River – before white settlers diverted it order to build the gardens. SHARE Share on Facebook SHARE Share on TWEET Link Ryan Prehn and the remnant river red gum, which could be up to 300 years old, according to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Photo: Eddie Jim "There is a story to tell from the tree’s perspective," Ryan Prehn. He’s one of 10 Victorian poets poems appear around the gardens and on the sides of city trams for the New Shoots program, part of the Melbourne Festival, which opens on Friday. SHARE Share on Facebook SHARE Share on TWEET Link Poets Ryan Prehn and Maria Takolander. Photo: Eddie Jim Each of them was invited to respond to a particular plant or area in the gardens. Prehn, whose heritage is from the Worimi people of NSW, says the project helped him reconnect to […]