[Warn­ing: this sto­ry con­tains spoil­ers for the first two episodes of sea­son two of AMC’s Preach­er , “On the Road” “Mum­bai Sky Tow­er.”] “Find peace.” Who knew two calm­ing words could yield such vio­lent results? Cer­tain­ly not Jesse Custer (Dominic Coop­er), the wan­der­ing man imbued with the pow­ers of Gen­e­sis, a divine enti­ty that speaks with the Word of God. Sea­son two of AMC’s Preach­er sees Jesse and fel­low trav­el­ing com­pan­ions — trig­ger-hap­py girl­friend Tulip (Ruth Neg­ga) and blood-suck­ing vam­pire Cas­sidy (Joseph Gilgun) — chan­nel­ing the preacher’s in a quest to find God, who has aban­doned post in Heav­en for as yet unex­plained . In the process, they find Fiore (Tom Brooke), a down-on-his-luck angel hotel magi­cian, who has hired a lit­er­al mon­stros­i­ty from Hell called the Saint of Killers (Gra­ham McTavish) to assas­si­nate Jesse and Gen­e­sis. Cas­sidy con­vinces Fiore to call off the hit, using noth­ing more than almost three hours of drug use and heap­ing help­ings of charm. But Jesse’s pow­er screws up the whole deal, as he offers those two divine words as a com­mand unto Fiore: “Find peace.” The fall­en angel’s inter­pre­ta­tion of those words leads him to not […]

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