How do you interact with you read? How do you interpolate new influences into your work? Reading books is the only way I can learn things. I read like 20 books once, and a part of my is just reading. I learn new forms, new structures; how I want to sound. Just breaking down ideas of poetics for me. Then I integrate it into my ; things I love, things I’m particularly inspired by in moment. My new is, in a lot of ways, my influences broken down. I’m inspired by my friends, around my friends, experiencing their work. That malleable form. I can’t imagine , or thinking at all, without my friendships. They perpetuate the space for my work… I discover things through people I love. Do you ever sit down and try to imitate work that you like? It’s more natural than that. I read something or I’ll hear something in my mind; it’ll distill it down into something that I’ve thinking about. I’m always falling in love with everyone’s work, but I can’t write in anyone’s form but my own. I find inspiration in everything; it’s like this […]