Premature Evaluation: Brand New Science Fiction

Let’s just take a second to marvel at the fact that, after eight years, having a new Brand New album out in the world feels like nothing short of a small miracle. There were times when it felt like this day might never come and other times when it felt like it was right around the corner, but it’s finally actually here. A couple years ago, I wrote about how being a fan of this band could be a frustrating, punishing exercise — one of delayed release dates and long radio silences and some perceived animosity toward the people tracking their every move — but, in retrospect, the past few years have proven to be pretty swell when all’s said and done. And if this is truly gearing up to be the end of Brand New’s narrative — and they’ve been increasingly hinting that’ll be the case, though who knows with this band — I can’t think of a better way to go out. The fervor around the quick-paced release of their long-awaited fifth album, Science Fiction , is a testament to not only how popular and beloved they’ve remained over the years, but how willing fans are to […]

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