Premiere: The Fleeting Ends Unleash “20 Something” with Youthful Passion & Nostalgic Fury

The Fleeting Ends’ unforgiving rock anthem “20 Something” basks in the good, the , and everything in-between during the transition into adulthood. — — They can be the time of our lives , the roudiest, craziest, most erratic, uncertain, life-changing, and altogether amazing years of our lives: The 20-Somethings , a decade full of more ups and downs, transitions and path-defining decisions than perhaps any other decade in our lives. unforgiving homage to our 20s, The Fleeting Ends’ anthemic new song “ 20 Something ” basks in the good, the , and everything in-between during the once-in-a-lifetime transition into adulthood. It wasn’t very long ago, of sight /of mind was my take on time Comes the speed of light Less than, oh, ten years ago I had my very own guaranteed overnight girl That’s the speed I drive Now I’m working on the minimum wage, Running into you every day And you wanna know the world can do for you Listen: “20 Something” – The Fleeting Ends Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “20 Something,” the lead single off The Fleeting Ends’ forthcoming album, I Know You Lie Cos So Do I ( February […]

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