prey; a warriors short story

#CurratorReview #LeaderReview ⊱ ──────«ʚ♡ɞ»────── ⊰ ✕ reading ✕ story will contain gore, death, lbgtq+, and some triggering moments. you were warned. "mudfern!" howls of rage and fury pierced the silent, crisp, night air as flashes of claw and teeth could be seen between the thick brambles and skinny trees of the humongous forest. a black tomcat screeched in agony as a huge beast hovered over his small figure, droll dripping its massive jaws. its jaws snapped at the feline, desperate to sink its pearly white teeth into the tomcat’ soft flesh. however, the feline managed to slash his claws across the beast’ eyes, howl in pain and shake its head, blinded for a few heartbeats. the black feline took this opportunity to scramble out underneath the wolf’s grasp and leap to his paws. his eyes darted around the area, flickering one spot to , as if scanning the area for something – or someone. the cat’s eyes widen as he spotted a motionless, small brown tabby laying near a pile of leaves not too far where the wolf was beginning to recover its sight. the black-pelted tomcat raced over to the […]

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