Publishing Short Stories: How to Write and Get Your Fiction Published

Where Can I Sell Fiction? Writers often struggle to find the right place to publish their short stories and other work. Where can I publish my fiction? Where can I publish my short stories? A lot of people lament the "death" of the fiction magazines, and while print markets for fiction and poetry are definitely shrinking in comparison to several decades ago, the Internet has allowed for more markets and online journals to open up opportunities for authors. While some people don’t think of online markets as being as prestigious as print journals, there are some exceptional online journals, and these markets offer great publishing opportunities for first time and experienced authors alike. In addition to this, many of the traditional print journals (especially those produced by colleges and universities) accept submissions online, giving you more access to print publications than writers ever had prior to the modern Internet. If you write an essay online or short stories, somewhere there are markets for your work. The hardest part can be finding the right market for your work. Fortunately, I’ve included my personal favorite links near the bottom in the link list. These should connect you to hundreds or even […]

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