Q+A: Singer-songwriter Scott Helman

Scott Helman is a young singer-songwriter based out of Toronto. With two Juno nominations and multiple hit singles under his belt, he will be kicking off the Scott vs. Ria tour with singer-songwriter Ria Mae in Ottawa on Oct. 13. The Charlatan caught up with Helman over the phone to talk about life as a musician, the heartfelt meanings behind his biggest hits and his upcoming tour. The Charlatan (TC): What is it like, life as a young, 22-year-old, touring and recording musician? Scott Helman (SH): It’s good, it’s definitely un-orthodox, I’d say. My life structure is not quite the same as my friends and stuff, but it’s great! I get to travel and see a lot of different kinds of people and I get to do what I love. TC: How has 2017 treated you? SH: 2017 has been great for me. It’s been really fun and I got to put out an album, so that was pretty great. It’s kind of been a weird year though . . . It’s been a really bad year for the world, I think, and as an artist, you try to figure out ways to sort of respond to that . […]

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