Jere­my Gloff, who plays New World Brew­ery in Ybor City, Flori­da on June 24, 2017. Long-run­ning, peren­ni­al­ly cel­e­brat­ed Tam­pa song­writer and activist Jere­my Gloff pulled cot damn Bey­on­cé on every­one by sur­pris­ing releas­ing his 21st album, Ligh­trail , out of nowhere. Gloff, 42, CL that “this has been my biggest kept secret since…well I won’t tell you those guys’ names.” It’ also his hap­pi­est album to date, and Gloff says that can be cred­it­ed to the pos­i­tiv­i­ty sur­round­ing him in the days after the Pulse shoot­ing in Orlan­do. Gloff’ friend Jeff Rodriguez was in the club, but sur­vived. “[He] just bare­ly sur­vived the Pulse inci­dent. I was so moved by his pos­i­tiv­i­ty and sur­vival. I just start­ed writ­ing,” Gloff said, adding that one song steam­rolled into 15. “I think I’ a fun hap­py dude in and my music nev­er reflect­ed that until now. I think I final­ly made an album that sounds like the out­side.” Gloff also tapped Apol­lo­nia 6/​Vanity 6 vocal­ist Bren­da Ben­nett to sing on the intro along with Rodriguez. “Hav­ing [Jeff] around to say he’s alive on my album was such a bless­ing. I cried. [We] and I  […]