Q&A: Tampa songwriter Jeremy Gloff talks surprise LP and how he finally made a record that sounds like "the person I am outside"

Jeremy Gloff, who plays New World Brewery in Ybor City, Florida on June 24, 2017. Long-running, perennially celebrated Tampa songwriter and activist Jeremy Gloff pulled a cot damn Beyoncé on everyone by surprising releasing his 21st album, Lightrail , out of nowhere. Gloff, 42, told CL that “this has been my biggest kept secret since…well I won’t tell you those straight guys’ names.” It’s also his happiest album to date, and Gloff says that can be credited to the positivity surrounding him in the days after the Pulse shooting in Orlando. Gloff’s friend Jeff Rodriguez was in the club, but survived. “[He] just barely survived the Pulse incident. I was so moved by his positivity and survival. I just started writing,” Gloff said, adding that one song steamrolled into 15. “I think I’m a fun happy dude in person and my music never reflected that until now. I think I finally made an album that sounds like the person I am outside.” Gloff also tapped Apollonia 6/Vanity 6 vocalist Brenda Bennett to sing on the intro along with Rodriguez. “Having [Jeff] around to say he’s alive on my album was such a blessing. I cried. [We] and I became […]

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