Quiet Place, A (United States, 2018)

For movies like A Quiet Place – science fiction-based horror films that aren’t obsessed with appealing to the Blumhouse demographic – tone and atmosphere are the most critical production aspects. This is something Ridley Scott understood as far back as Alien , a film whose influence on A Quiet Place is evident. By emphasizing the “quiet” element of the title and thereby amplifying the impact of even the faintest of sounds, director/co-writer/star John Krasinski puts us on edge. Silence at times becomes claustrophobic, feeding into the escalating suspense that fuels the movie’s forceful and effective audience manipulation. Don’t be fooled by the PG-13 rating – A Quiet Place has an adult aesthetic and younger viewers may be unprepared for its unconventional style and unrelenting intensity. Krasinski’s screenplay (a re-write of a script penned by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck) uses an economy of images (primarily newspaper headlines) to establish the backstory. They year is 2020 and we’re informed via a caption that whatever is happening has been happening for about three months. The “whatever” turns out to be an alien invasion. Unfriendly extraterrestrials have attacked and conquered, leaving isolated bands of humans to survive in near-silence. Since the aliens […]

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