Ray Donovan Recap: I Only Have Eyes For You

Photo: Erica Parise/Showtime The Memento -ing of Ray Donovan continues this week as the second episode of the fifth season follows the pattern of the premiere, jumping back and forth in time the days leading up to Abby’s death and the present-day aftermath. Perhaps recognizing that the premiere might have been a little confusing to some viewers, the writers of “Las Vegas” it remarkably simple, dividing their narrative into two alternating plotlines, one in each timeframe: a Las Vegas trip for the Donovan’s anniversary and the wedding of and Maureen. There’s a of birth and loss, of beginning and end in the two narratives, as we Abby’s story with the specter of death looming above it and Terry starting his own family, knowing everyone is still grieving. “Las Vegas” doesn’t quite match the breakthrough season premiere, and I question some of the rose-colored writing in the flashbacks, but the focus allows for what’s always been the strength of this show: Liev Schreiber. He phenomenal work here, enough to lock a fourth Emmy nomination. Ray’s response when he finds his wife near death on a Vegas floor is emotional and raw. Long […]

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