Re-entering the "wonderful and strange" world of "Twin Peaks" with John Thorne

The diner in Bend, Washington that serves as the exterior of the "Double R Diner" in "Twin ." ’S NOTE: This is from an interview Red Dirt Report did in June 2016 with John Thorne, former co- of Wrapped in Plastic and now managing of Blue Rose Magazine: A Twin Peaks Journal . OKLAHOMA CITY – Even though Twin Peaks ended its run in June 1991, I still a serious interest in the series, one that was partially satiated by the motion picture Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me in 1992, and, a little bit later, coming across the Twin Peaks fan magazine Wrapped in Plastic , created by Craig in 1992, and co- and co-operated by John Thorne. Approximately one year ago, as the -up for the new Twin Peaks series on Showtime was , well, building up , and The Sync Book ’s “42 Minutes” show did an interview focused on the return of the show, Red Dirt Report spoke with Thorne who helped Miller (who died of a heart attack in 2012, noted in this touching in D Magazine ) out 75 issues of Wrapped in Plastic between 1992 and […]

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