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In 2015 I was travelling when struck. I had returned to my grandfather’s country to find out more about where I had come from; nothing could have prepared me for where it would lead. I found more family history than I had ever imagined existed, and I was invited to the opening ceremony for a memorial to the massacre on country in which many relatives of my direct ancestors died. It was , it was horrific, it was inspiring. I took inspiration and ran with it – more like sprinted. I wrote a novel at a feverish pace, it for a couple of months and sent it off to the State Library of Queensland’s black&write! Indigenous Writing Fellowship competition, a prize intended to foster and develop Indigenous writers. To my utter shock my novel Terra Nullius was selected for a fellowship. The black&write! win was immeasurably important to me. Not only it refine my work and eventually led to Terra Nullius being published, but also of the confidence boost. I am scarcely willing to admit it, but I had absolutely no in my ability as a writer. A of me believed […]

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