Reminiscing the Mystique of South Asian Poetry: A Thousand Words

The use of words has been significant in many cultures across the globe. Not so long ago in South Asia, too, people would enjoy sipping tea (or desi rum) and speaking to beings in person. Yes, actually “speaking” and not “texting.” Ah, those were the days, when the sweet words of Hindi and Urdu poetry mingled into conversation like the color of saffron blending into tea: effortlessly and indistinguishably. As Heeral Shivnani writes her first poem in the dialect, she discovers the undermined mystery of words. Indeed, they can be interpreted in myriad ways, by myriad people. She shares with us her self-discoveries beneath these lines, hoping we too can do the same. Hazaar baatein kahi thi humnein, jo kisi ne na kahi Hazaar baatein suna gayi humein, jo kisi aur ne na suni Koi musaafir in hatheliyon pe daastaan de gaye, toh koi bezubaan hi beh gaye Ab in shabdo ki baazar mein, doondhne chali hoon mein woh kuch lafz, jo they toh mere, bas kho gaye hain kahin A thousand things were said by me, that no one said before A thousand things were told to me, which no one else heard Some travelers left stories in […]

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