While the first slate of live-action Resident Evil movies recently came to a close with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter , the CG-animated features just keep getting better. Inspired by Capcom’s action/horror game franchise that has been running strong for more than 20 years, the animated movies bring fan-favorite heroes, over-the-top villains, and bigger-than-life monsters to the screen in ways not possible with live-action. Resident Evil: Vendetta is just the latest example of how CG-animation can go toe-to-toe with live-action when it comes to delivering horror, action, and flat-out entertainment. Directed by Takanori Tsujimoto , known for action-focused live-action films like Bushido Man and Hard Revenge, Milly: Bloody Battle , Vendetta sees Matthew Mercer returning to voice the role of Leon S. Kennedy. Joining the franchise hero for this adventure are BSAA co-founder Chris Redfield ( Kevin Dorman ) and professor Rebecca Chambers ( Erin Cahill ). They unite to take down the newly introduced villain Glenn Arias ( John DeMita ) who plans to use his scientific expertise (and amazing combat skills) to achieve vengeance on those who wronged him … at any cost. Resident Evil: Vendetta is a fast and fun feature film that’s sure to delight […]

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