Review: Buell’s musical comedy “Something Rotten!” is delightfully absurd

Nostradamus (Blake Hammond, left) sees the future. It’s “A Musical,” he tells Nick Bottom (Rob McClure) in “Something Rotten!.” At the Buell through Oct. 29. (Jeremy Daniel, Denver Center for the Performing Arts) You might think creative types wouldn’t want to tempt the fates with a title like “Something Rotten!” Unless, that is, they have something delightful, something absurd, something deliciously clever to share. Heck, the makers of the musical-comedy even added an exclamation point. That’s how brazen their confidence and wry wit is. In 2015, the show received nine Tony nominations. Its ace national tour is currently smelling up the Buell Theatre — thanks you very much — through Oct. 29. Set in 1595, “Something Rotten!” takes on the Renaissance and one particularly popular Elizabethan playwright. At the show’s center stand the Brothers Bottom, Nick (Rob McClure) and Nigel (Josh Grisetti). (Brothers Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick wrote the music and lyrics; John O’Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick penned the book.) Poor guys. Not only is the Renaissance — with its newfangled gadgets, its out-of-the-Dark-Ages-into-the-light ideas, its pointy beards and wide petticoats — passing the aspiring play-making duo by. The hard-scrimping brothers also can’t compete with London’s go-to actor-turned-writer, William […]

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