Atom­ic Blonde” going to make excel­lent high­light reel. It already is one, in a man­ner of speak­ing, giv­en that its strengths are lav­ish­ly vio­lent, inven­tive­ly chore­o­graphed fights that been glued togeth­er non­sense and Char­l­ize Theron. The non­sense involves spies chas­ing secrets in Berlin just before the fall of the wall, which may sug­gest John l e Car­ré but plays clos­er to a dumb and dumb­er take on Boris and Natasha . Most­ly, the movie is excuse to watch a beau­ti­ful, devi­ous­ly clever female avatar as she is stripped naked, dolled up and repeat­ed­ly beat­en down only to rise again. This sort of spec­ta­cle — dress up, dress down, smack around and wait for pay­back — isn’t new, even if moviemak­ers like to insist oth­er­wise. What’s mod­er­ate­ly dif­fer­ent is the sexed-up pack­ag­ing of the vio­lence in com­bi­na­tion with Ms. Theron, who plays Lor­raine Broughton, a spy in her Majesty’s Secret Ser­vice with a blond bob and a fond­ness for lethal heels. Like James Bond, Lor­raine shoots to kill while remain­ing fab­u­lous­ly dressed to kill. This means she gets slammed around a lot, and takes almost as much pun­ish­ment as she metes […]