Review -- My Little Pony: The Movie Wants You to Smile, Smile, Smile

My Little : The Movie isn17;t the first big-screen theatrical outing for Hasbro17;s multicolored mares, but it is the first one with any significant expectations: while the 17;80s effort was mostly dismissed just another toy-commercial , and the screened-one-time-in-Los Angeles Equestria Girls felt like cynical brand expansion that neglected the core characters, the new movie aims to please a rabid fan base that now encompasses all ages and genders. It17;s a tall order, but the Friendship Is Magic cartoon has created high anticipation. Though its animation is relatively simple, the stories and in-jokes have proven so popular that the toys were finally forced to start copying the cartoon, rather than the way around. Everyone has their favorite pony from the core "mane 6" characters and beyond, so it17;s hard to say the final film will necessarily please everyone (favor Fluttershy? Fulfillment may feel fleeting), but that17;s not for lack of effort. In a world that otherwise feels so consumed with misery both and imagined, the friend-filled kingdom of Equestria makes for a refreshingly positive detour without the sickening excess of sugar that its fizzy and colorful surface might imply. The -D Flash animation of the show [30;]

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