We Are Blood and Thunder is a newly released YA fantasy by debut author, Kesia Lupo, centred on two female protagonists, Lena and Constance. The contrasts between each of the characters couldn’t be more apparent. One a cryptling, shunned by society because of a deformity and charged with tending to the dead and the other a noble born woman with a dark hidden secret. This female-led cast stormed its way into my heart, grabbed me and drew me into a dark world of intrigue and mystery. The cloud that hangs above the city of Duke’s Forest is metaphorical as well as physically present as it swirls and causes all who live there to cut themselves off from the rest of the world for fear the cloud would spread. This cloud brings pestilence, death, and misery for the people of Duke’s Forest. Coupled with the ominous cloud, the towns law-maker and enforcer, the egomaniac Lord Chatham, plays on the towns folks fears and exacerbates the entire situation resulting in a manhunt. This book literally has it all. Magic, mystery, intrigue, action, and adventure. I read this book as part of a buddy read (we pick a book and read it […]