Revisiting Banaphool's Stories

Banaphool, 1899-1979 No life can simply be subsumed under a single category- nor is it possible to come up with a single term to define life’s fluxes or flavors. One particular moment might sometimes outshine decades. Similarly, the experience of decades often can divulge the unavoidable truths of human life. The writer Banaphool (pen name of Balai Chand Mukhopadhyay) comes up with such truths through the twists and turns of his stories. When I got hold of a copy of the selection of his best stories titled, Nirbachito Chotogolpo, I expected stories mostly moralizing, often contemplating rooted culture and practices, and undoubtedly uniform in diction—virtues most of his contemporaries aspire to. But surprisingly, I discovered a completely unknown Balai Chand Mukhopaddhay, writing under the pen name of Banaphool, whose fictional realm is overwhelmed with not-so-ordinary moments of ordinary beings. Certainly, it is not a mythical world that Banaphool aspires to build up with words, but rather a world where reality is the cornerstone and the writer, a mason of words. The collection comprises of sixteen stories, almost none of which exceeds four to five pages. Though Banaphool does not disrupt his stories structurally, he is experimental at times as […]

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