Robert Burns is brought back to life: Scientists create an incredible 3D animation of the controversial Scottish bard reading one of his most famous poems

A new animated facial reconstruction of the controversial poet Robert Burns reciting one of his own poems has been created to mark the anniversary of his birth. Researchers worked with another poet to create an animation of Burns performing To a Mouse, where he draws a comparison between the lives of mice and men. Researchers recreated the face using the latest 3D digital technology from a partial cast of Burns’ skull, along with documentation of the poet, portraits, silhouettes and written descriptions. However, Burns is not without controversy and earlier this month the poet Liz Lochhead described him as a ‘sex pest’. She highlighted a 1788 letter written to Bob Ainslie in which Burns implies he raped his pregnant girlfriend Jean Armour. Robert Burns was born 25 January 1759 and died 21 July 1796 and is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland. He was a high-ranking member of the Freemasons and much of his popularity stems from the fact he was a farmer’s son who could speak to the common man. Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) Face Lab, the University of Dundee and Dimensional Imaging (DI4D) in Glasgow worked with Scottish poet Rab Wilson to create an […]

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