Robert Lepage and Matías Umpierrez: The Language of Theatre

Robert Lepage and Matías Umpierrez. The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative pairs a young artist with a veteran artist a similar discipline for a year-long mentorship program. This year, Argentinian theatre artist Matías Umpierrez was paired with master theatremaker Robert Lepage Quebec City, Canada. their time together, these two multidisciplinary artists crossed language barriers, cultural divides, and borders, with projects melding opera, film, music, movement, and theatre. The 2016-17 program culminated earlier this as part of the Rolex Arts Weekend Berlin, Germany. Matías Umpierrez. Umpierrez’s works include a virtual theatre piece featuring actors performing live different parts of the world, and site-specific performances factories Sâo Paulo to mountaintops the Pyrenees. “My projects move around the borders that exist between performing arts, visual arts, and cinema, activating the dialogue among audience, stage, speech, scene, and territory,” he says. It is fitting match for Lepage, whose company Ex Machina , based Quebec City, is known for fusing different art forms to create transdisciplinary, global works. addition to the opportunities to travel and to observe Lepage, Umpierrez knew that the mentorship program would also allow him to work his […]

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