HBO’s anthology series Room 104 is a fascinating destination for the kind of storytelling you’re not going to get anywhere else. [This review of Room 104 contains some details about future episodes, which may be considered spoilers.] – When deciding whether or not to book a stay (yeah, sorry) with HBO’s new anthology series Room 104 , from creators Mark and Jay Duplass, there are two things you absolutely shouldn’t do. For starters, you should not judge the series based on the show’s eponymous hotel room. Its brown, stain-resistant carpeting, two double beds, TV, and in-room sink and vanity make it an unremarkable place to stage a television series. Yet the banal familiarity of the program’s chosen confines open Room 104 up to limitless storytelling potential, as is evidenced by the wide range of one-and-done outings presented to critics ahead of the series premiere. Once you move past the motel room’s modest trappings, the second thing you absolutely must not do is call it quits after the first episode. The series kicks things off with ‘Ralphie’, which is sort of like training wheels for an anthology like this. It tells the story of a babysitter played by Melonie Diaz, […]

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