RPCV Short Stories By: Jaxom1221 This is a collection of communications between Jax and Ello Love, and names have been changed to hide the identity of both parties. 1 of them is unable to hang onto to their side of the conversation, so I decided to put it up here for them to be able to reread anytime they want. Jax: So have you made it inside yet? Ello Love: Yea Jax: Have you crawled into bed? Ello Love: Nope Jax: *whispers in your ear* Good, meet me in the bedroom love. Ello Love: I’m about to LOSE IT. Jax: Why? Ello Love: Just so frustrated with my car, and all I wanted to do was come home and bake and now I’m irritated about my car so I’m in the bed. Jax: What were you going to bake? Ello Love: I hate the holidays *angry face* Jax: *sad face* Ello Love: Sorry, I’ll stop Jax: I was just going to try and cheer you up some, but if you want to vent, I’m here for you to do that too. *I crawl into bed beside you and lay on my back, runs my arm up under your pillow […]

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