Glossary for the State of Louisiana Alluvial & drifting is how this language begins: ______alligators floating their dark Braille across some no-name ______bayou. Where layers lilt as they lower, Crawdads with the long-dead in their mouths. Where all ______colors slow their spectrum to brackish brown. Desire Street is where we lived back then, ______dumb & new, married less than a year, Elephant Ears taking over the backyard, their radars turned ______eastward, listening for rain. We knew one Flood might erase us. We were always ______fucking in a big hurry back then, knowing that Gulf of Mexico could be churning the next ______great big disaster. Hope or hopelessness? On the street, ______houses fell like cakes, doomed by dampness & Imperfections in measurement. The walls ______itched with insulation, while the floor went without, January numbing our feet. Beneath the boards, you could hear ______joists humming when the wind passed through. Keeping time, our neighbors painted blue arrows, pointing to ______Katrina’s waterlines: Here. When Levees broke. I was staying over on St. Claude. You? ______Lost in middle America, I said, while that single eye Moved across the TV screen: the swirling ______model, the terror of that organized Neon. But by the time […]