Running Away • Chara + Asriel Short Story

☆ Hey everyone. Reimu here! ☆ Wrote a story focussing on Chara. We don’t ever get to see how Chara felt about living with the Dreemurrs, and most people assume they were okay. But what if they actually hated it? This story focuses on that idea. In this story, Chara is reffered to with ‘she/her’ pronouns. Sorry if you don’t like that, but It’s what I believe their gender would be. Let’s get right to it! I DID NOT DRAW THE ART SHOWN. DONT TALK ABOUT IT IN THE COMMENTS. ☆~-={🄵🄰🄲🅃🅂}=-~☆ Words – 754 Characters – 4097 Characters (Excluding Spaces) – 3380 Time Taken – 2 hours ☆~-={🄵🄰🄲🅃🅂}=-~☆ ☆~-={🄲🅁🄴🄳🄸🅃🅂}=-~☆ Toby Fox – Asriel, Chara, Toriel, Asgore, Location. Touhou Doujinshi – Click Here Legend (Mobile App) – Text Animations Kogasa on Zerochan – Cover Martin Eager – BG Photo It was the middle of the night. A time where only nocturnal monsters would be awake, but those monsters were few in numbers, hence it was the perfect time. She’d planned this as perfectly as she could, and this was as good as it gets. She slid her left eye open, and stared at Asriel to make sure he was asleep. […]

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