Science fiction triggers 'poorer reading', study finds

It might feature such thought-stretching concepts time travel and warp drives, but reading science fiction actually makes you read more “stupidly” , according to new research. In a paper published in the journal Scientific Study of Literature , Washington and University professors Chris Gavaler and Dan Johnson set out to how identifying a text as science fiction makes readers automatically assume it worthwhile, in a sense, and thus devote less effort to reading it. They prompted to do their experiment by a 2013 study which found that fiction made readers more empathetic than genre fiction . Their study, detailed in the paper The Genre Effect, saw the academics work with around 150 participants who were given a text of 1,000 words to read. In each version of the text , a character enters a public eating area and interacts with the people , after his negative opinion of the community been made public. In the “” version of the text, the character enters a diner after his letter to the editor has been published in the town newspaper. In the science fiction version, he enters a galley in a space […]

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