Treading softly, but it did occur to me on waking this morning that maybe a good solution for several issues would be to make a zipped project the actual default Scrivener format. Now ducking, but here are some thoughts behind this. – it would solve the Dropbox problem as well as it can be solved for now. – it would remove an issue I haven’t talked about that comes in Windows 7, that if you are using Libraries as is the default, and viewing by date, your Documents library view (think My Documents) becomes filled with small bits of recent Scrivening. – It’s actually reasonably common for file formats to be containers (mov, wmv, etc.), and often enough using zip as the enclosing format (lost for example, but know it’s so). – new-format Scrivener projects would get their own tag; for example, MyProject.scrv – Long term safety of texts would not be affected. You would always be able to open the scrv file with a zip utility, or rename it to for convenience in this. The RTFs, notes, etc. would be right there. Well, there it is. Shoot away, please. Hoping not to have been rude last night, […]

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