{Secret Library Podcast} Danielle Lazarin on the Revolutionary Act of Writing Women’s Stories

Danielle Lazarin didn’t realize she’d written a Feminist Collection of Stories. Let me first say that I loved this collection. What struck me about Back Talk was how real the people inside the pages felt. Reading through the book, I was a bit surprised at how the critics had hailed it as a feminist collection, because it felt first and foremost like a collection of stories about women acting the way women actually act. But then it hit me, that is profoundly feminist because we come up against stereotypes in fiction all the time. Breaking them down is as feminist a choice as I can imagine. In speaking with Danielle, she too admitted she hadn’t had a particular agenda in writing the stories, but that she had felt it was important to present women as they are in situations most fiction ignores. I loved this, and I loved how the stories forced me to confront my own bias and my own prejudice that comes from a lifetime of reading women portrayed as too emotional, irrational, or as other types that are easy to dismiss. As I read each of these stories, I saw the way I expected the plot […]

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