The Nobel Prize might never had existed had a newspaper not accidently posted Alfred Nobel’s obituary before he died. During his lifetime, Nobel became famous for making a vast fortune off inventing dynamite. But when his brother Ludvig died, the story goes , a French newspaper mistakenly published Alfred Nobel’s obituary instead. Reading a summary of your life’s achievements while still alive would be surreal enough were the obit not nauseatingly titled "The Merchant of Death is Dead". "Dr Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday," it read. It is widely speculated that Nobel was so horrified his legacy could amount to the capacity to wipe out people en masse, he swiftly set about enacting some damage control. When he really did die, the Swedish chemist’s last will and testament left most of his fortune to a series of awards to be named the Nobel Prizes. Today, the name Nobel is associated with one of the world’s most respected series of prizes in the fields of science and the arts. There are other interesting quirks regarding the Nobel Prizes that have arisen over its century-long existence that are […]

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