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10 Audio Drama Podcasts To Get You Hooked On Fiction

+ When most people think about podcasts, they think NPR, 99% Invisible , or Hardcore History –nonfiction shows meant to be an engaging form of education. Sometimes, though, what you want is to dive into a good story that nonfiction just can’t provide, but where to...

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Hume And The Paradox Of Fiction

The paradox of fiction is the apparent inconsistency that occurs when you try to combine three commonly accepted claims: that it is irrational to have feelings for what does not exist, that we reasonably have feelings for fictional characters, and that fictional...

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Tales Through His Lens Darkly

ANALYSIS/OPINION: THE LARGESSE OF THE SEA MAIDEN: STORIES By Denis Johnson Random House, $27, 207 pages He wrote directly too, and his readers, his peers, and the literary establishment loved the gritty talk and the grittier characters. His 2007 novel “Tree of Smoke”...

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5 Stories You Should Never Submit If You Want To Get Published

Do you like having your short stories rejected? Although you might be a generally positive person who likes to learn from your rejections, chances are that you don’t want to get rejections. Unless, of course, you’re an absolute sadist (don’t all writers have to be at...

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Lisa Genova Hopes New Novel Gets People To Say “I Love You”

Lisa Genova is back with a new novel titled Every Note Played. Author Lisa Genova wants you to understand that life is short. Her new novel Every Note Played is the story of an internationally renowned pianist with ALS and his care giving ex-wife. “We all think we...

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Fizza-Ma-Wizza-Ma-Dill: The Elegance Of Trap And Dr. Seuss

A sign installed at an interactive exhibition dedicated to Dr. Seuss at the Children's Museum of Manhattan on July 6, 2004. Less than a week ago, rapper Win Nevaluze uploaded a dramatic reading of the Dr. Seuss deep cut Wocket In My Pocket , to the time of Migos '...

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The Undoing Of Chelmsford Revealed

The Anglo-Zulu War — Isandlwana The revelation of a Disaster. “A little war in Zululand would lead to its consolidation within the British Empire” is the heading author Ron Lock has chosen for the first chapter of a remarkable new book on the famous and destructive...

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Avengers: Infinity War Fan Fiction Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Thanos' Quest Begins Somewhere in deep space was the planet of Xandar, capital of the Nova Empire. Its citizens wnet about carrying out everyday tasks, but unbeknownst to them, it would be the last time any of them did anything on the planet. Above Xandar's...

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