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Must-Read Poetry: December 2018

Here are four notable books of poetry publishing in December. Before the core of this book—a sequence that considers the pristine “Mary Sue,” a female character in fan fiction who often seems to be the “author’s idealized...

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Prologue Or No Prologue

by Bryce (United States) Hi, I have just started to write a fantasy novel, but I am in a bit of a jam. I have a rough outline of the novel, as well as the events that occur within it, and a pretty good plot. On top of that, I have a good array of characters and the...

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Examples of Epiphany in Literature

In literature, a character has an epiphany when they experience a sudden insight or realization that changes their understanding. The term was made popular by James Joyce and fully divulged in his autobiographical novel, Stephen Hero . According to Joyce , epiphany is...

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Diary/Journal Writing

I think laying out your journal in a regular way should be okay. You don't have to have prompts specifically targeted towards language learning, it will naturally come especially when you write about something you know or care about so just write like you would in...

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Alan Rosenberg: Police-reporting days still resonate

Hide caption Relationships with cops can last a lifetime. When you’re a reporter just starting to cover a police department, there’s a period of weeks — or months — when the cops are testing you. Will you be fair? Accurate? Will you treat their...

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Poem of the week – ‘January Train’

January Train Fields of trees encased in frozen dew. The sun a sullen distant heatless disc. Tractors in a line retired between cold foreground and an almost lost horizon. A smattering of slick and sharded ponds. Sheep, a flock of huffing moving heat. Buckled fence...

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