is a common question that most writers ask. Does it really matter what order you write your novel? What works and what doesn’t work? The answer is simple – there is no right or wrong. There’s no rule that says have write a in order. Both approaches work. It depends on the kind of writer you are. It’s down to the writer how they want to write their novel, but it’s also down to the writer to bring it all together to it work effectively so the reader will enjoy the . There are advantages and disadvantages to one. It’s up to the writer to work with the method that works for them. Linear Writing Writing the in sequence is known as linear writing. In other words, it’s written chronologically, in order as the reader reads it, chapter by chapter, first chapter to . tends to be how plotters and planners like to write. They each chapter, they do chapter outlines and story arcs and they follow the story as they write. keeps them focused and avoids confusion sequencing/or sequence of events. The advantage of […]