Estuarine, living in estuaries. serratus, -a, -um = serrated ⮎ for the row of teeth on the male’s upper appendages. Etymology[edit]. Serrating "sawing" attested from 1590s, but serrate as a transitive verb not attested before 1750 according to OED. scutum slightly curved, medially narrow and laterally wide; perigenital plates long; preanal scutum reticulated, rectangular, with sparse serrated setae. 58, Aeshna crenata, Aeshna crenata Hagen, 1856 from Lat. From Latin serratus, past participle of serrō. Mar 13, 2014 Etymology. com: English, psychology and medical dictionaries. smooth … New thesaurus. ‘ serrate’ also found in these entries: aracari – birch family – biserrate – chestnut oak – jagged Mar 8, 2017 Sierra (Spanish for ‘mountain range’ — think of the Sierra mountains out west!) comes from the Latin serra, meaning ‘saw’ (no, not the verb; the tool you use Definition of serrate in the Fine Dictionary. Related: Anteriority. serrated — ▻ ADJECTIVE ▫ having or denoting a jagged edge like the teeth of a saw. Meaning: "notched," 1660s, from Latin serratus "sawlike, notched like a saw," from serra "a saw," of unknown origin. Serrated definition, having a notched edge or sawlike teeth, especially for cutting; serrate: the serrated blade of a […]

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