Shigeto talks breaking through writer’s block and paying homage to Detroit

Feature Shigeto’s latest release ‘The New Monday’ hit a milestone for him as a producer, and us as fans. Watching the masterful beat-maker deviate from his usual blend of idm and hip-hop production, to enter the realms of house and club music without sacrificing his identity – 2017’s album caught us off guard but was a spectacular achievement nonetheless. The Detroit born producer breaks down how this album came to be, why it was such a departure from his previous records, and most importantly, the vibe he was aiming to create with it. His lifestyle in Detroit, which largely comprises of engagement with the nightclub scene, plays the most vital role in what turned the direction of this album to house and Detroit-type rap. He’s not afraid to take risks, and is devoted to his musical goals. He shook his fanbase but he knew what he was doing. We caught up with Shigeto ahead of his forthcoming Aus tour to delve deeper into his latest album. SR: We noticed ‘The New Monday’ was a complete stylistic shift from your previous releases, is artist progression something that’s important to you? S: yeah I mean it’s almost not even as important […]

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