Short Story Avneil : Unfiltered

Short Story: Unfiltered One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do is grieve the loss of a person who is still alive , nothing could be more painful, more heart-wrenching, more numbing than to watch the very man who blown her heart to slithers, parade around about in front of her unaffected her turmoil. Neil Khanna was becoming the bane of her existence he did not even have to try. he had to do was look her way to begrudgingly awaken the dormant storm she had suppressing until the very he walked in to the foyer of the jail. The place he had thrown her into banishing her from heart and mind. And six months was a long time, enough for her to understand love had lost its luster the her husband had chosen to distrust her. He had without a single question broken her, reaffirming she was unworthy of his love. But so was he, he was unworthy of her trust, her heart, and the useless pain churned her insides whenever he was in a feet of her. So, he would be locked away in the […]

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