In a dark and murky corner of Jubilee Market, a young man in his late twenties fumbles with his keys, trying unlock the door an abandoned shop. The that the lock is rusting into oblivion isn’t helping either. The yowl of a stray cat echoes faintly in the nearly empty street. “ much longer, Usman?” His face contorts at the of her voice. He puts on his best happy face before around to face a visibly perturbed Ayesha. Her burqa is dusty from the long and her hands are fidgeting, either from fear excitement, he didn’t really know— care. The full moon is the only source of light in the narrow Saddar lane, bathing in the darkness of the late night load-shedding hours. Source: Surhan He moves close to her, leaving the keys dangling in the hole. “It’ gonna be okay Jaan , don’t you trust me?” He says, tenderly touching her cheek. His tone reflecting impatience more than comfort. “You are close to freedom, don’t let fear stop you now” he tries his best to feign solace. He was good at that, after all, this wasn’t his time. She […]

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