DID YOU READ PARTS ONE AND TWO ? Lilah leaned against the railing at the bottom of the front steps of the largest house in town. George stood on the porch waiting for someone to answer the doorbell’s call. The two were silent as Lilah stared at the back of George’s head trying to figure him out. He wouldn’t give her any hints as to what his theory was about the mysterious man and woman who supposedly stole one of cars that belonged to this household. All she knew was that George was suspecting the two children, but she couldn’t think of any reason as to why that would be. The front door opened breaking Lilah out of her thoughts. She walked up the few steps to the porch and placed herself next to George as he greeted the woman on the other side of the door. “Good morning, sorry to bother you at this house.” He said. “It’s no trouble, Detective Florence.” The woman stepped to the said holding the door open wide. “Please come in. Have you figured it out?” “Not quite,” George stepped to the side allowing Lilah to enter the house first. When she crossed […]

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