Short Story -- The Picture on the Wall

Old Alinani Akira alone in his mansion in the mountains on a little glowing planet in the cluster of galaxies as Abell 2065 and thought about the meaning of existence. There were only a few hours on a day that he did spend alone pondering eternal questions of life and . Every day at noon, his friend old Italus came up from the town in the valley and brought the gossip of the townsfolk. They would sit and talk in the living room a strange picture was displayed on the wall. showed a weak little star peaking from behind some bizarre things that seemed to be stuck to the ground of whichever planet was a picture of. And the picture had a flowing fluid that reflected the starlight. Old Italus had asked his friend about the picture multiple , but he had only received a cryptic smile and an more mysterious sentence: “ involves a terrible story, Italus, and makes me sad.” Now, one day, as the two friends talked about the strange of the young people in the town, Alinani Akira sighed and said, “They aren’t that bad, old […]

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