SHORT STORY: The Siren’s Call by Sue Shipp

Sue Shipp, the author of The Siren’s Call Here is the latest in the series of short stories written by members of the 390-strong Portsmouth Writers’ Hub The seafront is empty, save for a couple of dog walkers, and us. You love the sea,love to let it make you weightless, allowing it to take you far beyond the edge of the pier … I always hold my breath, until I see you roll on your stomach and head back to shore They’re up on the high ridge of pebbles that drops down towards the sea. The black labrador makes a play bow, mouth open, it chases a thrown stick. Its feet scattering pebbles, to then make paw-prints in the wet sand. It plunges into the choppy grey sea. Swimming strongly, head high, it grasps the stick. The roll of the wave helps it swim to shore. Shaking salty droplets from its coat, it bounds after the man in a red waterproof jacket, trousers tucked into the tops of his walking boots. His stride, like the dog, is long and firm. Further along, a white miniature poodle picks its way along the high ridge of pebbles, and I wonder how […]

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