Short story: 'When Blue Snowflakes Fall' by Eoin Dolan Lane

The Broken Spiral, an anthology of short stories which will raise funds for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. The Broken Spiral is a collection of short stories by Irish authors, responding to the theme, ‘The long and winding road back’. The collection will raise funds for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. If I clench my toes I can hear them say my name. When I clasp my knuckles tight until the bones protrude, I can sense the name around me. But it is not within me. It is not of me and I cannot say my name. When their faces bend over me, I hear the name on their lips like snowflakes about to fall across the bed. I cannot remember my name. They say my name is Annelise and the sound of my name comes to me as a light flurry of snow settling on my face. My cheeks are hot and flushed and my name lands and melts on my cheeks. A beautiful name, I think. Annelise. But I do not remember being Annelise. Loose strings fiddle around in my head like notes in the wrong place. I cannot seem to place them in any order. I […]

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