Peace everybody. My passion is writing, but I am not a story because I am not good at developing characters. My forte is Op-Ed, so all of my pieces are opinion based. Anyway, I only written one short story and don’t plan on writing another one. I this piece approximately 3 years ago and I have recently began sharing on social media. I’ hoping it becomes a gateway for me to write and make my writings work FOR me. The title: God is the Devil This Is Reality: God is the Devil – Short Story If you don’t want to the link, I copy and paste it, so you read from the thread. Your God is the Devil by AtlMaryJ The anger that was coming from voice, was beyond comprehension, Michelle knew that wrath was destructive, but to stand in presence and be the object of it, brought a level of fear she had never experienced. Her fear had her body shaking uncontrollably, should she scream loudly , or would that be putting her in more danger. What was she to do? Who was she to […]

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