Silk Poems

Silk Poems , in its small, delicate package, is monumental in scope, in its as one part of Jen Bervin’s larger research and also in its wide-ranging suggestiveness. The material book itself a shiny gray cover, garment-like and silken to the touch, imprinted with reproduced strands of silk composed of tiny letters. The pages are filmy and transparent. Each page contains a poem and a small corner image of a strand that loops into longer and longer strands throughout the book. Like all of Bervin’s projects, this one is based on the fusion of text and the material world, and on , extensive research (a bibliography is the end) and travel. She makes “interdisciplinary” seem too narrow a to describe the scope of the work, and her singular fabrication of . The final pages include a description of an exhibition that premiered the book, a year-long exhibition MASS MoCA that included a video about a medical research project Tufts University (biocompatible silk sensors to be placed inside the body), the through a microscope of a one of her poems written on silk, and a reading of the book. A “Research […]

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