Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ But piece by piece we lose control You break your heart You lose your soul They give their word and we give our trust Until we stand On fields of dust. First World Problem, Blair Dunlop Some singer-songwriters grab your attention from the first note you hear, from the first song, from the first album. Blair Dunlop did that. I lent him my ears, and I was captured. He commanded through his music that I listen. And so, in a mere five years and now four albums, the chain remains unbroken. There is in the meshing of fingers on strings, of the ringing and the thrum, the rhythm and the melody and the play of words upon the air, a unity in Dunlop’s songs. Call it pantheism for six strings, piano and voice. Call it the beauty in creation, and if this sounds folky and naïve, a murmuring of wonder, then perhaps it is. The lad can play and sing. I’ve been playing his albums all week. I’ve been returning to First World Problem a lot. One can’t help having favourites. Blair Dunlop had a head start from birth. His […]

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