Singer-Songwriter Dareck Mckay Reveals Childhood Struggles Related to his Latest Release “Mother”

Vancouver, Canada – Dareck Mckay has announced the release of his EP song entitled “Mother.” The EP includes a video that features home video footage from over 20 years ago. And it’s a release that holds a special place in Dareck’s heart: “It has helped me to heal wounded parts of my soul,” says Dareck, “and it would be my hope that it can do the same for some of you. Video Link: “Growing up, I would see the mothers of my friends whose only addiction was to pepper their children with kisses and shower them with more love than they knew what to do with. My mother was different. My mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol. “Even as a child, I always knew she loved me but I also knew that her love for her addictions exceeded her love for me. This led me to feel as though I was unworthy of love. If my mother, the person whose love was supposed to be unmatched and guaranteed, couldn’t love me more than her addiction, how could I be deserving of love? Perhaps my thoughts were ignorant, but that didn’t stop them from coming then, or even […]

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