SCREENED AT THE 2017 NEW YORK ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL: It’s been interesting to see Lee Byung-hun stretch a bit in his Korean roles in the past year, playing a decidedly non-dashing villain in "Master" and here playing a broken man who is more defined by his passive responses to failure than his usual man-of-action roles. It’s the obvious draw for a movie that, while it uses a few familiar tricks, uses them to tell a understanding story of shame and regret. Lee plays broker Kang Jae-hoon, a managing broker at Router Securities Corporation who finds himself left stunned when the company implodes, although as a member of upper management tells him, he’s too smart not to have some idea things weren’t on the up-and-up. That gnawing in the back of his mind is perhaps why he set his wife Lee Soo-jin (Kong Hyo-jin) and son Jin-woo (Eugene Young) up with a place in Australia for the past two years. Unable to face anybody in Seoul, he heads to Sydney with only the clothes on his back, not even bringing his phone, only to find them thriving a bit better than expected: "Sue" is more relaxed than she has been […]

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